Reporte Oficial de la Conferencia Episcopal Americana

“In the past ten years over 15,000 victims have come forward to tell the secret they had carried for years; and each year more have come forward. It is impossible to know the final number of victims. The John Jay Study of the Nature and Scope of the abuse found the incidence of abuse began to rise in the sixties, peaked in the seventies and declined sharply in the eighties. The new cases reported yearly continue to fall into this same pattern. The peak of the curve is not moving forward or broadening as time goes on. While it often takes years for victims to come forward, in eight years since the Nature and Scope Study was released, the peak of abuse has not moved forward. The hundreds of cases that occurred in the past that are reported yearly continue to fall within the timeline of the established curve. However, the hurt of the abuse is not simply in the past. It is apparent that many people abused fifty years ago are still hurting. Strides have been made in the work of healing and reconciliation”