Is Hillary Clinton a risky choice for the general election? Why? These are questions Democrats should be asking themselves when consider electability of Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Bernie Sanders shouldn’t drop from the Presidential race because Hillary Clinton is a risky choice for the general election.

G. Greenwald wrote: With a consensus now emerging that the real estate mogul (Donald Trump) is the likely GOP nominee, it would stand to reason that the most important factor for many Democrats in choosing their own nominee is electability: meaning, who has the best chance of defeating the GOP Satan in the general election? In light of that, can Democrats really afford to take such a risky gamble by nominating Hillary Clinton?

Well, there are several things to take into consideration when considering HRC.

  • Electability is one of them. In every poll Bernie Sanders does better, often much better, in head-to-head match-ups against every possible GOP candidate. Hillary is up 3 points over Trump when Bernie is up 7 points.
  • Bernie Sanders has gathered and bringing more voters into the democratic party for the general presidential election. The more popular Sanders becomes, and the more unpopular Clinton becomes.
  • Favorability is on Sander’s side. Overall, 51% of Americans express something negative about Clinton while 20% point something negative about Bernie. As Matt Karp at Jacobin points out, national polls show a whopping 54% of the electorate views her unfavorably, versus 40% who view her favorably. Sanders, in contrast, is viewed favorably by 50% of the populace and unfavorably by 38%. They’re both still beating Trump (58% unfavorable, 36.5% favorable), but the idea is generally to run your strongest candidate, and Sanders’ margin is much more comfortable than Clinton’s.
  • Electorate general climate favors:
    • Electorate favors non-establishment candidates and Sanders is preferred over Clinton because is consider an outsider.
    • Clinton ties with Wall Street and corporations make her less likable and unpopular than Sanders. Very good article on this matter here.
    • Electorate, specially young voters, favor significant environmental protection policies and approach. Sanders is view as stronger than Clinton in particular taking into consideration record voting against fracking and/or construction of pipeline.
  • There is a pending issue affecting Hillary Clinton electability and is the ongoing FBI investigation, pending indictment and possible conviction. Even a misdemeanor will affect her in the general election. Republicans will come after her on this will not let this issue go, on the contrary, they will throw everything  they have on her.

This is a general summary. There are more things that can be mentioned or pointed out as risky when choosing Hillary Clinton as presidential candidate for the democratic party. So to the question: Is Hillary Clinton a risky choice for the democratic party? The answer is YES, very risky.