“I cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, people or the wind, but I have the great power and responsibility of changing myself

This thought and the realization of it, has and brings attached so much work, especially for me… well anyone. Many people that love me well have said to me that I am ‘naïve’.

Good friends stab you with truth in the front; the bad ones stab you with lies in the back.

Image result for respectThe truth is that my friends are right 😦 ; God bless them. Naïve is defined by the dictionary as: “Having or showing unaffected simplicity of nature or absence of artificiality; ingenuous.” To be naïve means that sometimes I have fooled myself believing in goodness where there is not. Like a person told me once: “It seems like you don’t have sense of reality… it’s like you live in this idealistic world…”. Naiveness for me has been lacking seeing things the way they are. Managing ingenuity is not impossible but requires a lot of vigilance and attention.

Sometimes we care so much about what people think about us. We care about our reputation and we forget about the respect that we must have for ourselves. We put so much energy in keeping reputation ‘good’ that we don’t tackle our real issues. I truly believe that the best way to build our reputation is from inside out. Our good friends are the ones that see us the way we really are, even when is hard for them to tell us, they know us. Reputation is a tricky thing because sometimes we fool ourselves with it. In order to keep our reputation sometimes we become deceitful. We lie… lying without realizing that we are harming ourselves more and more to the point that we walk away from truth, from ourselves. We can become prisoner of an ‘image’ (icon). This is an scary thing… becoming prisoners of the way we are seen can take us to leave behind the most important thing: Ourselves, I, Me, the real one. Here is when self-respect plays an important role in our lives. Honest, clear and humble look at ourselves answer the most difficult question of all: who I really am? If we get the answer right, leaving behind the image that people have of us, and knowing ourselves, that’s the first step to grow and become better, become who we want to be. The most important eye to watch over us is our own healthy and honest eye, and if we for some reason become blind is when God send us friends, people that really love and know us the way we really are. I cannot be thankful enough for my friends, those that love me despite my failures, those that watch over me, those that are honest with me when reality for me becomes cloudy. In my idealistic world I believe in honesty, truth, loyalty, friendship, honor, love… maybe I am naive but when I experience any of those things in life it becomes my sense of reality ignoring everything else.