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The political analyst held in dialogue with Contratapa, the weekly summary of the Latino News Network, that it is necessary for Latinos to “go out to vote.” In addition, he referred to the moment of the Black Lives Matter as “a historical time, which will mark a before and after.”

Political analyst Raúl Monfort said that the vote of the Latino community “will be decisive in the November elections,” which will pit current President Donald Trump against Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

In an exclusive interview with Contratapa, the weekly summary of the Latino News Network – which is broadcast every Saturday from 9 to 10 am by Latina FM – the psychologist maintained that “it is important for Latinos to vote”, something that did not happen in large number in the last elections.

“People are a little disappointed and little interested in participating, since in the last elections they had the feeling that each person’s vote does not make a difference,” he said.

In any case, he clarified that this is a general situation of the US electoral regime, since “the small number of people who vote is incredible, barely 35%”, which may be due to the fact that “the options are always one or the other : Republican or Democrat ”.

The same will happen in these elections, since everything will be settled between two names: Donald Trump and Joe Biden. In this regard, Monfort explained that at this time the Democrat “silence is convenient for him”, since the president “sinks only when he speaks” and Biden also “has screwed up several times, therefore they should have advised him not to speak” .

“Trump and Biden are two candidates who sink every time they speak,” he defined, and opined that this election may mean another disappointment because “although many people say that it would be crazy to vote for Trump – even some Republicans themselves – the alternative is Biden , which many would not vote for if Trump were not in front. ”

Finally, the creator of the blog “Chat de Café” gave his opinion on the political debate of the moment in the country and the world: the Black Lives Matter movement, which came to light after the brutal murder of African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis.

“We are living in a historical time, because this moment is going to mark a before and an after,” he said, and clarified that the outrage of African-Americans at “the abuse of power by the Police” is not something new, but is about “The sum of a lot of frustrations from a long time ago.”

“It is a very complicated year,” he defined, and agreed with the president of the Pennsylvania Latino Convention, Norman Bristol, who last week had stated in Contratapa that “it is time for African-Americans and Latinos to work together to change the destiny of their communities ”.

“Right now one of the big problems facing today’s society is divisions. But the Latino community has to support this protest because it is also discriminated against by the police. Latinos do not have a good reputation in the United States, like any other minority, “he said.

“It is not a time full of hope and all the changes are difficult, but generally we are victorious and learn something from moments like this. That’s where the hope is, “he said.